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Your Partner in Casting

Comprehensive Casting Solutions LLC was founded specifically to address the need of foundries that are losing technical talent due to retirement and the inability to replace them with trained and experienced personnel. We can step in with short or long-term help as a trusted partner. Our experts have decades of experience at your disposal.

When you hire our consulting services, you gain a partnership with premier industry experts who will help find solutions to your casting needs. We step in with innovation and a passion that won’t be found elsewhere. 


Meet Chris

Chris Whitehouse, founder of Comprehensive Casting Solutions LLC, is a leading expert in the casting industry.

He has over two decades of experience in investment casting slurry and shell systems. He is passionate about casting and understands the material properties essential for its success. Chris has extensive experience developing cutting-edge slurry systems for shell building. This has now been expanded with training in automated robotic shell building to bring even greater profitability into your foundry.

Our Technical Team

Pat Morrison

  • Degreed Metallurgist with engineering and management roles in Powder Metal, Heat Treating, and Foundry Facilities
  • CAD fluent with practical use of most of the major casting simulation software currently available
  • Individually and with a team, have designed processes, the equipment necessary to execute the process, plant layout, and installation of said equipment
  • Designed alloys for castability and to optimize their performance in specific use environments

Ford Bishop

  • Demonstrated understanding of casting processes
  • Expertise in metal casting, including the selection of materials, mold design, process optimization, and quality control
  • Technical proficiency in process optimization, efficiency enhancement, and quality control
  • Relationship driven, which is crucial in ensuring successful project execution and customer satisfaction.

Douglas Marion

  • 45+ years of hands on investment/no-bake/ shaw/ permanent mold experience.
  • 25 years consulting experience pertaining to the foundry in metallurgical, process control, best practice, defect analysis,.
  • Involved with the ICI for many years and presented 2 technical papers
  • Member of several committees and sub committees to help better the ICI.

Our Solutions

What We Offer

We offer a wide range of services to solve your casting problems.

Our expertise includes but is not limited to:

How You Benefit

Our partnership will enrich your foundry’s future.
You’ll see the following as a result of our efforts:

Higher Productivity

Happier Customers

Lower Attrition

Better Employee Retention

Improved Employee Performance

Greater Market Share & Profits

More Innovation

Superior Service

Long Term Problem Solving

Our Clients

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If you are compelled to find answers and tire of the status quo options, partner with us for a resolution.