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Comprehensive Casting Solutions LLC provides an extensive range of services and solutions designed to address your investment casting challenges and optimize your processes. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering solutions that enhance efficiency, improve quality, and reduce costs. Explore our offerings below to see how we can assist you.

Optimization & Upgrades

We enhance your systems through cutting-edge technology and training. Our focus includes system improvements and seamless conversions. By implementing intelligent process control, we maximize material properties and ensure peak production performance and quality.

Problem Solving & Control

We implement robust process control systems to enhance consistency and quality in your casting processes. Our experts diagnose and resolve issues within your wax, slurry, shell, ceramic, and metal systems, ensuring optimal performance and minimal disruptions. We offer strategic solutions for scrap reduction, improved efficiency and output quality across your operations.

Education & Mentoring

Empower your team with knowledge to maintain optimal process parameters and achieve superior casting properties. Our mentoring programs foster a culture of learning and enthusiasm, enhancing casting knowledge and improving employee retention through excitement and appreciation of the process.

Technical Assistance & Reviews

We conduct thorough reviews of your wax and shell rooms, dewax, casting department, knockout and finishing areas, and inspection department to identify necessary improvements and implement effective solutions. Our experts provide on-hand technical assistance, offering trusted advice and support whenever you need it.

Design & Analysis

Optimize your casting designs with expert input on mold, tree, gating, and runner configurations. Receive tailored recommendations for metal alloys that enhance your final product quality. Ensure the integrity and quality of your castings with our chemical and non-destructive testing (NDT) analysis services. Implement strategies to reduce scrap and improve casting efficiency with our expert guidance.

Foundry Design

Ensure efficient, high-quality production tailored to your specific needs with comprehensive foundry design services. We specialize in creating innovative, custom solutions to optimize your foundry operations and enhance performance.

CCS CrackAttack™ Product Family

Our unique CCS CrackAttack™ solutions are high alumina castable refractory systems that allow operators to control cure time and flowability, reducing waste and machinery downtime. The base level is suitable for commercial aerospace shell repair at 2850F, while the advanced MAX version is designed for reactive metals at 3090F. Both products are in stock and available for immediate distribution.

Learn More About CSS CrackAttack™

How You Benefit

The dichotomy between high casting demand and a rapidly retiring talent pool has never been greater. CCS is here to address that discrepancy with two centuries of combined experience to address your challenges. It is our goal to provide an unparalleled combination of top-quality materials, products and services along with best in the world technical expertise.

Partnerships provide an unparalleled ability to address your intellectual and material needs while assuring your foundry’s success in making the best possible highest quality castings.  Our partners support best-in-class products and services for the investment casting community.

Our partnership will enrich your foundry’s future.
You’ll see the following as a result of our efforts:

Higher Productivity

Improved Employee Performance

More Satified Customers

More Innovation

Long Term Problem Solving

Greater Market Share & Profits

Our Clients

"It was a true pleasure working with Chris. He commanded respect from the plant floor to the front office by the way he drove to solutions that improved both efficiencies and first pass yields. Chris proved himself to be a man of high integrity, and I would offer him my highest recommendation
If you’re looking to work with someone who can help you reach your company's full potential, Chris Whitehouse is that person. His positive influence and investment casting skillsets can take you to the next step in our challenging industry.”

- David G. Palivec
President / CEO of Bescast

“CCS’s assistance proved very valuable”

- Steve Olson
President/CEO of Tech Cast Limited

Our Partners

Westech is a distributor of pattern waxes, pattern cleaners, and shell materials with warehouses strategically located across the country. Westech’s in house laboratory offers testing services for wax, slurry and shell. Supernate and slurry viscosities, pH, bacteria, colloidal and latex concentration testing. These can now be all be provided quickly from one lab. This capability can maximize the performance of your foundry’s raw material products successful use. CCS and Westech together provide unparalleled knowledge, experience and material support in a truly unique format for the investment caster.

SurfacePrep supports investment casting by supplying rare earth elements and precision powders such as mullite, yttria, erbia, and zirconia for the investment process. View our refractory materials for investment casting here. To divest, or remove the ceramic coating, we provide water-jet cutting, wheel blasting, and air blasting. The finishing process can then be accomplished via wheel or air blasting, coated or bonded abrasives, vibratory finishing or super polishing, or parts washing.

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