Rod Haaland

Core & Ceramic Materials Expert

Fun Facts

  • 42 years married to the bride of my youth – Rosanne 
  • 7 grandkids and counting
  • Lifetime fisherman – now hooked on fly fishing
  • Left-brain/right-brain schizophrenic- started in the art world as a studio potter 1978. Still maintains a studio pottery
  • 10 years in the US Army; Last as Commander of a Bailey Bridge Company ( see it in action in the 1977 movie: “A Bridge Too Far”)

A Brief overview

Rod three and a half decades not only developing ceramic materials and processes for aerospace investment castings but moving them into full production use. He has a proven track record of successful implementation innovating and enhancing all shell & core systems for equiaxed, directionally solidified and single crystal castings.  Rod communicates incredibly well with people at every level from operators and technicians to engineers and senior management.  He quickly makes assessments and provides recommendations that improve yields, efficiency and profit. He brings amazingly great value to CCS clients.


  • A world leader in core design, process and controls
  • Fluent understanding of all core making processes – including injection molding, transfer molding, and gel-set (ethyl silicate and aqueous systems).
  • Unparalleled understanding of foundry materials, processes and equipment use
  • Integrates new engineering principles and materials seamlessly into manufacturing environments
  • Team oriented, working to bring the maximum value to our clients through collaboration, education, coaching and mentoring.
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