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You are the expert in your foundry. There are times when a removed perspective can be very profitable. Our goal is to bring trusted, focused industry expertise alongside to partner with you to dramatically improve your castings and foundry success.

We can provide problem-solving solutions from part and tree design to best metal practices and metallurgical testing including SEM and NDT. Process optimization and scrap reduction are our specialties.

You can always make another casting but can’t regain lost time and materials, making defects. Get help from the experts at Comprehensive Casting Solutions LLC.

Investment Casting Solutions

Our consulting services cover a wide range of casting needs.

Ceramic Shell

Solving Wax / Shell Defects


Robot Programming / Optimization

Runner / Gate Design


About Comprehensive Casting Solutions, LLC

“It’s without hesitation that I recommend Chris if you are looking for one of the most knowledgeable engineers in the investment casting industry. I had the pleasure of working with Chris for nearly 20 years. His involvement as an instructor for the investment casting certification helped to make it the success that it is. If you’re looking to work with someone who can help you reach your company's full potential, Chris Whitehouse is that person. His positive influence and investment casting skillsets can take you to the next step in our challenging industry.”

Dr. Russ Rosmait, Professor, Department of Engineering Technology, Pittsburg State University.
“I have worked with Chris for over 20 years as a co-author, supplier, and as a customer. Two attributes come to mind when I think of Chris: integrity and a true interest in shell building (which is becoming a lost art). In all my time in the industry, I can think of no one that has done more for his customers with is encyclopedic knowledge of shell building and his genuine desire to see his customers succeed. What more could you want? Knowledge and the comfort of knowing that you can trust the job will be done.”

Barry K. Dahlin, President of Westech Products
“I have known of Mr. Whitehouse’s expertise for years, so I was pleased when he agreed to give a guest lecture at one of my engineering lab classes. Mr. Whitehouse is a great communicator with an enthusiastic delivery, so the students had a good time and learned quite a lot. They asked many insightful questions, which to me is always a great sign that an Expert Lecture has been successful. If you are looking for depth of expertise and a solid professional, you would do well to reach out to Mr. Whitehouse.”

Dr. Ryan Karkkainen, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Anderson University
“I have known and worked with Chris for the past 20+ years in the Investment Casting Industry. In the early days, it was difficult to find technology on shells and shell systems. We worked with Chris and his team specifically due to their technology and strong system support, the latter of which was unprecedented. Chris developed an investment casting system for us that optimized material application and shell strength with minimal coats. As I move toward the twilight of my career, I will never forget Chris and his team of support for all they did for me, our company and the industry. His knowledge and willingness to share with the industry is a tremendous asset. I will always be most grateful for the opportunity to know and work with Chris over my career.”

John Marty, Vice President of Manufacturing at Accucast, Inc.
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