Douglas A. Marion

Metallurgical & Casting Consultant

Fun Facts

  • Very avid Golfer
  • Enjoys car, motorcycle and tractor restoration
  • Machining/fabricating
  • Riding Harley
  • Playing with grandkids
  • Online gaming
  • Guitar playing/teaching

A Brief overview

Doug quite literally has 50-yrs experience in the foundry, it is in his blood starting with the family business. He was mentored for 40+ years by the well known industry metallurgy expert Ted Klemp. Ted and Doug together worked in Cayenne Consulting serving many casting industries. Doug runs MCM Precision Castings, Inc. His advice is backed up by personal pouring and hands-on experience.


  • “Dewaxing Investment Casting Molds”, 56th Technical Conference and Expo Investment Casting Institute, 2009
  • Immediate Foundry Cost Reductions and Quality Improvements with SPAL™ Process Inert Blanketing”, 54th Technical Conference and Expo Investment Casting Institute, 2006
  • 45+ years of hands on precision investment casting, no-bake, shaw & permanent mold experience
  • 25+ years of metallurgical, process control, best practice and defect analysis experience
  • Long term work on committees and subcommittees at Investment Casting Institute
  • Extensive understanding of shell systems and various ceramic and organic additives to optimize shell performance
  • Well versed in alloy chemistry, grain structure, alloying
  • Expert in SPAL™ System Use and Optimization
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